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A shower protection free from phthalates

Fractures, burns and wounds...

If you have suffered an injury to the legs or arms, you know how difficult it is to prevent the bandage, plaster or wounds to get wet when you shower.
The shower protection ISI is environmentally friendly, allergy tested and can be used outside of bandages, plaster casts limbs and intravenous shunts.
Easy to use, just follow the instructions included with the product.
ISI is a unique Swedish product.

ISI is so easy to use that most users can shower without help.
ISI is primarily designed for use in the shower, but if used with caution, it can also be used while bathing.
Swimming with ISI in a pool or the ocean is not recommended.
ISI has been tested on hospitals in Sweden, Denmark and England with very positive results.
Available at pharmacies.
ISI is environmentally friendly, allergy-tested and completely free from phthalates.